Dear Catalina,

     I wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed the spanish classes with you since January when we began. Though we have not been consistent about practicing at home and Conner is often as enamored with his friend Ellie in class as he is with the activity of the moment, I believe the language is starting to "sink in" with us both. The experience and fun and pace you offer is wonderfully suited to learning for preschoolers and adults! You put out an enourmous amount of energy for us and I admire you for that, as well as your clear boundaries, professionalism, preparedness and deep understanding of what learning spanish means for us somewhat "brain-dead" moms and dads and distracted little ones. To top it off, you are approachable, warm and full of heart which is why I am convinved that Conner liked you right away.

     I promise (for my own good!) to practice more spanish and continue to let your classes seep into me (and Conner). Please find the enclosed check for next Fall. Thank you many times over for filling my idea exactly how to teach and learn with my son.


Best wishes and sincerely,




I learned more in the first year of Catalina's Preschool spanish classes than I did in my 6 years of high school and college spanish. She presents the material in a way that makes it highly accessible. Her lesson plans are creative and engaging. She uses many learning modalities: songs, games, hands on, acting, books, etc. and then ties it all together. My daughter (9 years old and homeschooling) is still attending and benefitting from Catalina's classes. The way the curriculum is taught is beneficial at so many levels. I highly recommend her classes to all.




...preschool spanish!! We have been involved for 7 years and have done

both age classes for two different children. Not only is the material fun and engaging for the children it teaches the adults spanish and ways to support the language usage at home. Our son is in 1st grade in a Spanish Immersion school and he felt very prepared with his level of spanish. We will also be putting our two girls in Catalina's classes when they are old enough.




My youngest daughter and I have been taking Catalina's classes for nearly two years now and have been very pleased! Catalina aims content of her classes at both the caregiver and the child, which seems to me a great way for the child to learn in the long term, since it is the caregiver who spends the most time with the child. Though we don't practice as much as we intend to outside of class, my daughter has still been using Spanish in her day-to-day activities for about a year now. She has even taught her grandmother and older siblings a few things! The games and songs that Catalina uses to teach are fun and often lend themselves to fairly easy practice at home, with help from the materials that she provides with the class. I can't think of anything negative to say about our experience in these classes and I will continue to recommend Catalina to anyone who wants to help their child learn Spanish!


added: 04/13/2011




Catalina's class has been a wonderful way for my 4 year old son to learn spanish. The classes are just the right length for his attention span and he really enjoys his time there with Catalina and the other children. I have to admit, I'm learning Spanish, too! He speaks Spanish to me at home at the most surprising moments! We plan on continuing with Catalina in the fall as well. Worth every penny!

Posted by mcnielsen  06/22/2011





From reviews:


My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves her Spanish classes with Catalina! She makes it so fun...playing and singing in Spanish the way a child in a Spanish speaking country would learn the language. My daughter has learned so much in just a few short weeks, it is simply amazing. Most importantly, she looks forward to going and truly enjoys herself while she is there and learning. We would recommend Catalina's Preschool Spanish to anyone who is looking.

Posted by nhittner 06/29/2011